Don’t let finances interfere with your Family Planning. Focus on what’s really important.

Because every
family is unique!

Personalized payment plans for your
fertility journey

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    Getting started
    with your treatment
    is now an easy decision

    With flexible, interest free and low interest loan plans designed to support a range of fertility care, it’s no longer a question of if… only when. Easy monthly payments make your fertility treatment accessible and affordable.

    All costs covered in a single bill

    With one bill, managing payments is simple. All-inclusive costs from consultation to procedure, testing and pharmacy take the stress away from multiple bills so you can concentrate on the important things – like starting your family.


    A family for your family

    We partner with your fertility care team to make sure your journey is as stress-free as possible. A clear user-friendly experience that gives you the financial bump you need to get you started on the pathway to parenthood, payment plans that put you at ease and a support team that is available for you anytime you need.

    How it works


    Fill out a simple form on your phone, tablet or laptop without impacting your credit score.

    Select a payment plan

    From multiple payment plans, select the one that best fits the need for you and your family, including interest-free financing.

    Complete application

    Review the terms of your payment plan and finalize your application.

    Start treatment

    Start your treatment as planned and funds will be released to your clinic based on your plan.

    Patient Testimonial

    Financing really helped us move forward!

    As soon as we heard our clinic offers 0% financing, we decided to go forward with the treatment. We love JoyBump for its ease and making this possible for us!

     Jennifer, CA

    Thank you for making our dream a reality!


    For people like us, JoyBump was a game changer. We could never have afforded the opportunity to try to have a baby with IVF treatment if not for the interest free loan that we could access through JoyBump. Thank you to RISE Fertility and JoyBump for making our dream become a reality!

    Y.O., RISE Fertility Patient